Tips for playing Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a very popular game designed for the mobile and it is played by the people from the year 2012. When it comes to the top Android games Clash of Clans stands among the top and there are many players who are dedicating many hours to this game for getting more resources, high level and for building stronger Clans. The Clash of Clans may look like a very easy game when you just start playing it but you have to build your clan and train your troops as this game is not just limited to this because it needs great strategies to survive till the last. If you are a newbie in this Clash of Clans game then this article is going to help you to play this properly.

Things to know about building a clan

Town Hall: Town Hall is just like the ordinary house which you will start from the beginners level when you will play the game and you have to upgrade this town hall and protect them from any attacks. With upgradation of the town hall, your clan will become stronger and you will be needing more time and money as well as you will also get the benefit of unlocking many more properties.

Gold: Gold are used for leveling up the town hall 8 or elixir storage or for buying decoration, resources pieces of equipment for defense and troops. So for playing the game properly all you have to do is own a lot of gold and keep upgrading your goal storage so that it can produce more gold within a very short time. But make sure to keep your gold storage away from the other players to avoid robbery and when you will see that the gold storage is getting full you will have to upgrade the gold storage. You can also get the gold by exchanging gems or you can attack other clans and rob the gold from them.

Elixir: This is the most important resource which you will have to keep storing and upgrading during your entire playtime and it will help you for upgrading the barracks, the army camp, or the gold mines and to train your Troops. You can also buy the elixir collector for generating more elixir and keep upgrading your elixir storage.

These are the three things which you have to be very much careful about during the starting of the game. But make sure everything you do is completely strategized and you can also try the coc cheats for mastering the game.