Guns of Boom: What is the hype about?

Many developers attempted to bring first person shooter games to mobile, and this is one of them. Even though many titles coming before it have primary designs of chasing games, the streamlined and relaxed approach of this game sets it apart from the rest. This results in a more enjoyable experience on mobile.

The premise – KISS (Keep it simple shooter)

In the game, players are in two teams of four players each, and they face each other in a death match. There are no alternative objectives, game modes, or customized classes of characters or similar concepts. In a similar way, you do not need to worry about shooting skill – the controls deal with that. All you need to do is concentrate on your aim at the enemy, move, getting to optimum health, and throwing grenades.

The maps are the reason for the simplified approach of the game. There are farms, streets, military facilities, and similar levels that have clever designs to enable interesting changes to grow through matches, even though shots are very easy to get.

Upgrade your arsenal

In all matches, aim to get higher scores than the enemy. The points that you get are not exclusive results from killing your enemies, but rather from your assists to your team in the task of killing the opponent team. Ultimately, this means you get points for aspects such as assists, in addition to great accomplishments such as killing double enemies at once.

You earn cash at the end of each game, which you can utilize to upgrade your weapons or acquire new guns. The guns are in five groupings, and you can carry them at all times and switch them as you wish. With this vast amount of weapons, and tasks that provide you with goals to accomplish, the advancement in this game is rewarding.

Invest in your health

The drawback to the game however, is the manner it solves healing issues and throwing of grenades. Yes, you can carry grenades and medical packs in all battles, but since they are disposable, they can get finished if you make use of them too much in the game and you don’t use a guns of boom cheat.

This can result in times when you want to use them sparingly, but the problem is that you feel you do not have a choice. When going against enemies that are liberal in the use of these items (maybe due to being premium players or just spendthrifts), that ends up changing the odds of survival – you use more resources. Despite the game having high balancing aspects, this feature needs some improvement.

The bottom line

The game Guns of Boom is a very streamlined, solid, first person shooter game that has a better feel than most of the current mobile shooter games in the market. When you look at it critically, it comes with a free economy that directly has a hand in battle results. You may not see this aspect easily. However, when you do, it can frustrate you. Nevertheless, it is worth trying.