Blackberry Curve 8520 : Product Review

A spectacular smart phone and certainly a classic is the Blackberry Curve 8520 by RIM (Research in Motion Ltd.) known for it’s unique full QWERTY keyboard in the shape of a “beard” this phone is certainly very appealing for the non-business type person (similar to the Bold model which is intended for business purposes). The first thing that you will notice about this phone is not only the sleek and slim design, organized keyboard, but a track pad navigation system. The curve 8520 is the first Blackberry to implement this feature and it is certainly a lovable addition to the device as you will notice the drastic improvement from the track ball to the pad, very comfortable and enjoyable with apps such as Brick Breaker.
The phone is multipurpose, it has a great music player and internal loud speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack and you don’t have to worry about space because your music and other files can be stored onto a microSD then inserted into the phone with a maximum capacity of 16GB. It also has a neat media interface much similar to the Microsoft media interface, which arranges your Music, Pictures, Videos, Ringtones, etc.

It also serves as a small gaming device running with a CPU at 512MHz which is pretty decent for a smart phone. It usually comes with a handful of games most notably Brick Breaker, the trademark game for Blackberry which is a great time passer for me when I ride the subway, especially with the new addition of the track pad which has made it much more enjoyable.

The 8520 also features a video/picture camera which is only 2 MP, not very impressive at all, especially from a phone with such potential, which I think is one of the only cons of this phone.

The graphics on this phone is simply astonishing, especially on this 2.46″ 65K-colour TFT landscape display with QVGA resolution that supports up to 65,000 colors which are so vivid on this phone it was unbelievable for me that I was using a cell phone. You can use the phone to send emails, or watch your favorite TV shows or movies as the phone has DivX and Xvid video support, or even use the HTML Wi-Fi internet browser thats on the phone to watch videos on YouTube straight from your home or if you have a data plan from your cell phone service provider you can even watch it on the go.

Texting on this phone is phenomenal, it is extremely easy with the nice, neat, and organized QWERTY keyboard. It’s like typing on your PC, it was so quick for me to update my Facebook status or Tweet about my life.

I would really recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a nice looking, multipurpose, high quality, cost efficient smart phone, it is a relatively inexpensive smart phone and comes in white, purple, violet, blue, silver, red, and my favorite, black.