5 tips and tricks for playing Hay Day

Hay Day is a free-to-play farming game that you can either get on the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. And in this game, you are a new farm that is in charge of bringing a failing farm back into profitability. You will be growing crops, raising animal livestock, and generally selling a lot of farm goods. And if you are going to play this farming game, then there are a few things that you should know first. These tips and tricks for this game can really help you out, especially if you want to earn more diamonds and other in-game currency.

  1. Make Money fast in the game

You can earn more money in Hay Day if you utilize this simple trick. One crop that you can focus on growing is wheat. This is a really fast-growing crop that will have a high return on your investment. So if you plant a lot of this on your virtual farm, you should be able to get a big harvest ready in a short amount of time, and then turn a big profit when you sell all of it.

  1. Hunt for unlocked treasure

Treasures chests, at least the unlocked ones can be full of goodies. If you are lucky enough to find an unlocked treasure chest then you may get access to more in-game money or even diamonds! So finding one of these chests should definitely be your priority in-game. You could try and look for these chests around by digging. Select the shovel tool from your toolbox, you could also look for unlocked treasure chests on other farms as well. You may need to try more than several times to find one of these chests, but it will definitely be worth it when you do find one.

  1. Save your items

You will need to determine what sorts of items that you will need in the future. When you are playing Hay Day, your farm can produce all sorts of goods. Instead of selling those goods immediately, you should save some on-hand. When you have got the required number of items to complete a shipment, you can talk to the delivery boy on your farm, and then complete a full shipment when you are finished speaking to him.

  1. Make use of newspaper deals

Do not just leave the newspaper on your farm alone, you can actually find good deals on them. You could get a deal on crop seeds. You could also try to take a look at the newspapers on the farms of your friends too.

  1. Wait for free diamonds

You can actually get free Hay Day diamonds by using a special hay day online tool. Normally, it would take spending actually cash to get some diamonds, but there are certain occasions in the game where you are able to get diamonds for free. For example, every time that you level up you actually, have got a chance that you can get one to three diamonds. And there are also other opportunities wherein you could earn free diamonds as well.