Blackberry Curve 8520 : Product Review

A spectacular smart phone and certainly a classic is the Blackberry Curve 8520 by RIM (Research in Motion Ltd.) known for it’s unique full QWERTY keyboard in the shape of a “beard” this phone is certainly very appealing for the non-business type person (similar to the Bold model which is intended for business purposes). The first thing that you will notice about this phone is not only the sleek and slim design, organized keyboard, but a track pad navigation system. The curve 8520 is the first Blackberry to implement this feature and it is certainly a lovable addition to the device as you will notice the drastic improvement from the track ball to the pad, very comfortable and enjoyable with apps such as Brick Breaker.
The phone is multipurpose, it has a great music player and internal loud speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack and you don’t have to worry about space because your music and other files can be stored onto a microSD then inserted into the phone with a maximum capacity of 16GB. It also has a neat media interface much similar to the Microsoft media interface, which arranges your Music, Pictures, Videos, Ringtones, etc.

It also serves as a small gaming device running with a CPU at 512MHz which is pretty decent for a smart phone. It usually comes with a handful of games most notably Brick Breaker, the trademark game for Blackberry which is a great time passer for me when I ride the subway, especially with the new addition of the track pad which has made it much more enjoyable.

The 8520 also features a video/picture camera which is only 2 MP, not very impressive at all, especially from a phone with such potential, which I think is one of the only cons of this phone.

The graphics on this phone is simply astonishing, especially on this 2.46″ 65K-colour TFT landscape display with QVGA resolution that supports up to 65,000 colors which are so vivid on this phone it was unbelievable for me that I was using a cell phone. You can use the phone to send emails, or watch your favorite TV shows or movies as the phone has DivX and Xvid video support, or even use the HTML Wi-Fi internet browser thats on the phone to watch videos on YouTube straight from your home or if you have a data plan from your cell phone service provider you can even watch it on the go.

Texting on this phone is phenomenal, it is extremely easy with the nice, neat, and organized QWERTY keyboard. It’s like typing on your PC, it was so quick for me to update my Facebook status or Tweet about my life.

I would really recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a nice looking, multipurpose, high quality, cost efficient smart phone, it is a relatively inexpensive smart phone and comes in white, purple, violet, blue, silver, red, and my favorite, black.


Tips for playing Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a very popular game designed for the mobile and it is played by the people from the year 2012. When it comes to the top Android games Clash of Clans stands among the top and there are many players who are dedicating many hours to this game for getting more resources, high level and for building stronger Clans. The Clash of Clans may look like a very easy game when you just start playing it but you have to build your clan and train your troops as this game is not just limited to this because it needs great strategies to survive till the last. If you are a newbie in this Clash of Clans game then this article is going to help you to play this properly.

Things to know about building a clan

Town Hall: Town Hall is just like the ordinary house which you will start from the beginners level when you will play the game and you have to upgrade this town hall and protect them from any attacks. With upgradation of the town hall, your clan will become stronger and you will be needing more time and money as well as you will also get the benefit of unlocking many more properties.

Gold: Gold are used for leveling up the town hall 8 or elixir storage or for buying decoration, resources pieces of equipment for defense and troops. So for playing the game properly all you have to do is own a lot of gold and keep upgrading your goal storage so that it can produce more gold within a very short time. But make sure to keep your gold storage away from the other players to avoid robbery and when you will see that the gold storage is getting full you will have to upgrade the gold storage. You can also get the gold by exchanging gems or you can attack other clans and rob the gold from them.

Elixir: This is the most important resource which you will have to keep storing and upgrading during your entire playtime and it will help you for upgrading the barracks, the army camp, or the gold mines and to train your Troops. You can also buy the elixir collector for generating more elixir and keep upgrading your elixir storage.

These are the three things which you have to be very much careful about during the starting of the game. But make sure everything you do is completely strategized and you can also try the coc cheats for mastering the game.

Clash Royale to release best Heal spell combination pretty soon

In 2016, Supercell has launched a freemium mobile video game named Clash Royale. This game’s gameplay is pretty much similar to Supercell’s previous release Clash of clans. Like Clash of clans clash royale too has a gigantic impact on the whole gaming fraternity throughout a certain period. The best thing about this game is how it helps players to create a clan. In a clan, you can try a different combo every time you want with different players, and that is when heal spell would become necessary in clash royale.

In early 2017 clash royale insiders has started a rumor that it will come up with more and more new cards in almost every two weeks. People can start trying new combinations week in week out for better pairing and strengthening the clans. But when Heal spell comes out these pair making thing and trying new combination become a lot more interesting. Nonetheless, it is always an immense pleasure knowing that you would be pairing with in future for your clan and make attacks on your opponents. So here is some basic knowledge about heal spell that you should know before searching for clash royale free gems:

The sole purpose of introducing Heal spell to Clash royale is this adds extra boosts to cards and helps them to get revived. All you have to do is work on barbarians so that they can attack any opponent while the spell is active. In any arena when you are proceeding for attacking an opponent’s tower these spell’s cards will be useful for increasing the health parameter of elite barbarians.

The heal spell cards will always support you whenever you need them. They will help you to increase the health of musketeers, Electro wizards, and Mega minions and make way for other cards to attack opponent’s tower.

Heal spell will also create a major impact on Balloons and lava hound. With spell card, these cards will be added and will make a greater pair. For this spell, any damage on opponent’s tower will be doubled, and it cannot be recovered using ZAP card.

When you charge towards opponent’s tower, these heal spells can boost hog rider. It seems that for instance your rider cannot reach near the main tower of your opponent’s basecamp but this whole thing is an eyesore and is created for hiding its main goal. At first, the main defender and other defenders of the enemy camp will restrict you from attacking and tearing down apart their main tower, but you can use any of these four powerful spell cards for unlocking this objective and achieving that goal.

Here are some basic characteristics elaborated in case of you are thinking of using these Heal spell cards. One thing you should always keep in mind that key to success in this game lies in making a good combo for your clan using these cards. So be wise before using them and attack your opponent to tear them apart.

The Screen Savers: The Rise and Fall of America’s Premiere Technology Show

In 1998, a new cable and satellite channel came into existence which featured news and shows about computers, the internet and technology as a whole. The network was founded by Ziff-Davis and originally called ZDTV. After being purchased by Vulcan Ventures, the network was renamed to TechTV. It had become wildly popular among technology enthusiasts. By 2003, TechTV had hit its prime. It was producing a number of great technology, including every computer geek’s favorite, The Screen Savers.
The Screen Savers was a mix of a technology news and features show, highlighting the latest personal computer technologies and industry news. In the first part of the show, the hosts would begin with a short commentary on the day’s news stories relating to technology. Following such, the show would often feature a question or two over what they called “the Netcam Network,” which was where a user would be live on webcam and call on the phone. Throughout the rest of the show, there would be various segments which included interviews, product reviews, download of the day, and coverage of special events. At the end of the show, the hosts would answer emails with any remaining time. Technology enthusiasts love it, it was the television show they had been waiting years for.

For many years, the show was hosted by Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton. However in mid 2004 Laporte announced he would be leaving the show to focus on his duties at Call for Help. Laporte was replaced by Kevin Rose, who at that time was doing features for the show. The new duo of Norton and Rose worked pretty well together.

Unfortunately, the ride came to an end in late 2004 when it was announced that Comcast had purchased TechTV from Vulcan Ventures and would be merging it with the video game network, G4. Longtime host Patrick Norton announced that he would not be part of the TechTV anymore after the merger. The show was going to be produced in Los Angeles and Norton decided that he wanted to stay in San Francisco. Norton was replaced by a new hire, Alex Albrecht.

After the merger, the show changed formats, leaving most of the technology content behind and instead adopting a video game and entertainment format. This left many of the show’s long time fans disappointed. On March 17th, 2005, The Screen Savers came to a quiet end, when the show’s executive produce Paul Block stated the shows run was over. On March 28th, A new show had taken its place called, “Attack of the Show”, which featured a very different format from the Screen Savers, and at that time many more loyal fans gave up on the network.

Many of the hosts have taken their work online. Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht create a weekly podcast called DiggNation. Patrick Norton and Robert Herron have somewhat recreated the idea of The Screen Savers in an online show called DL.TV, and Leo Laporte hosts the most downloaded podcast in the world, This Week in Tech, and many other shows.

Mobile Legends: an end to your phone’s thurst for clash

Mobile legends game is developed by Moonton and also published by the same. It is an online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) game that allows the players’ to make a team and play together with the help of appropriate strategies and planning. The game is designed for cell phones (both android and ios softwares) and the computer systems. The opposing teams fight with each other to reach the enemy’s base and destroy it completely. At the same time, they have to protect their base too. There are three lanes namely top, middle and bottom which connect the bases of both the teams.

The MOBA game allows each team to have five players that can create their own avatar, also known as the hero in the game. The avatar can be changed and customized whenever the player wants from his device. The computer controlled characters are called minions that spawn at the bases of the individual teams fighting enemies and overcoming difficulties. Minions can also be known as the weak helpers in the game that help to destroy the opposite team’s base.

Below mentioned are few features of mobile legends game:

MOBA maps and 5v5 battles – this game is a real-time 5v5 battle among two teams which fights on the three lanes in the game to destroy the enemy’s base. The game also consists of 4 jungle areas, two wild bosses and 18 huge defense towers. Mobile legends game is a great comeback to MOBA based game play.

Teamwork and strategic thinking – there is a complete availability of tanks, marksmen, supports, assassins, and mages for the players to choose from. But the thing to remember is to select the same wisely. This requires proper planning among the members of a team and strategic thinking. Eliminate the damage caused, control your enemies and heal your teammates together to establish team spirit.

Fair fights – this game has no feature of hero training or paying for the stats just like other classic MOBAs. Winners are decided on the basis of the ability and skills they inherit from the mobile legends game. This creates a balanced and fair platform for all the players. One should not pay to win the game rather play to win. Unless users use a mobile legends online generator no survey

Easy and simple controls – there is an availability of a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen and skill option s on the right. Two thumbs are all you need to become a mobile legends master. Target shifting and auto lock feature cater to hit the heart’s content and let you focus on the fun that battle offers.

Offline assistance – a dropped connection in any game leads to losing in the game, but no such problem arises in the mobile legends game. If the internet connection

gets dropped, one can stay in the same position and make a comeback in seconds. Also, while you are offline, the AI system of the game helps to eliminate five on four situations.

Download mobile legends: bang bang today.

Clash Royale Hack- its usage and requirement for smart players

The gaming world is advancing and sprawling its reach from time to time. Earlier, we just had those big boxes which needed to be connected with our television sets to enjoy our favorite video games, then came up the laptops, and now we have got every game right in our pocket-friendly Smartphone. These games are not only rich in graphics but have amusing sound quality, great controls, and beneficial tools. One such amazing game is Clash Royale.

It is based upon cards and gems through which you have to beat your opponent and destroy their towers. As the game is now getting immense support and love from individuals, players are also facing huge problems to clear out the critical levels, and thus, they require the Clash Royale Hack.

What is the usage of Clash Royale Hack?

Every game is generally based on certain resources like the gems, gold, cards, and a lot more. Yet, in every game, they play the major role. When you sign up for any game, you get a lot of free resources, but as you start advancing level by level, these resources start declining, and you lose your game play. Thus, when such situations are faced by the players, they start relying on smart and affordable Clash Royale Hack.

The hack will let them get the access to unlimited clash royale free gems, and they can easily make smart moves within the game. They don’t have to rely on in-app purchases which are generally very costly, and their overall focus stays on playing the game at its best.

What does the Clash Royale Hack do for you?

It is a clear fact that you will only buy a tool when it serves you great quality in fewer amounts. Same is the case with Clash Royale Hack. It can be easily downloaded from any online website. However, you must always look out for the best website before you make the payment. Choosing a reliable site will help you in generating-

Guaranteed results– when you choose the hack tool, you can stay carefree the services are completely guaranteed and certified. As soon as you complete the purchases for the gems and gold, you will instantly get the number of resources that you wished to have. In fact, a lot of websites provide them for free. You just have to conduct an efficient research.

Simple and reliable hacking– the hack is really easy to generate and use. You can begin up with just a click, and you don’t either have to care about the resources. To providers join to a server and upload the resources credibly. As the game creators

themselves provide you with these hacks, your overall gaming becomes truly efficient and reliable.

Apart from this, you get unlimited gems and gold which will last forever. Yet, it is usually recommended that you must use these tools as occasionally as possible. This is because, if you get caught in any suspicious activity, then you can lose your overall progress and your account can also be suspended. So choose the Clash Royale Hack wisely before you start playing.

Guns of Boom: What is the hype about?

Many developers attempted to bring first person shooter games to mobile, and this is one of them. Even though many titles coming before it have primary designs of chasing games, the streamlined and relaxed approach of this game sets it apart from the rest. This results in a more enjoyable experience on mobile.

The premise – KISS (Keep it simple shooter)

In the game, players are in two teams of four players each, and they face each other in a death match. There are no alternative objectives, game modes, or customized classes of characters or similar concepts. In a similar way, you do not need to worry about shooting skill – the controls deal with that. All you need to do is concentrate on your aim at the enemy, move, getting to optimum health, and throwing grenades.

The maps are the reason for the simplified approach of the game. There are farms, streets, military facilities, and similar levels that have clever designs to enable interesting changes to grow through matches, even though shots are very easy to get.

Upgrade your arsenal

In all matches, aim to get higher scores than the enemy. The points that you get are not exclusive results from killing your enemies, but rather from your assists to your team in the task of killing the opponent team. Ultimately, this means you get points for aspects such as assists, in addition to great accomplishments such as killing double enemies at once.

You earn cash at the end of each game, which you can utilize to upgrade your weapons or acquire new guns. The guns are in five groupings, and you can carry them at all times and switch them as you wish. With this vast amount of weapons, and tasks that provide you with goals to accomplish, the advancement in this game is rewarding.

Invest in your health

The drawback to the game however, is the manner it solves healing issues and throwing of grenades. Yes, you can carry grenades and medical packs in all battles, but since they are disposable, they can get finished if you make use of them too much in the game and you don’t use a guns of boom cheat.

This can result in times when you want to use them sparingly, but the problem is that you feel you do not have a choice. When going against enemies that are liberal in the use of these items (maybe due to being premium players or just spendthrifts), that ends up changing the odds of survival – you use more resources. Despite the game having high balancing aspects, this feature needs some improvement.

The bottom line

The game Guns of Boom is a very streamlined, solid, first person shooter game that has a better feel than most of the current mobile shooter games in the market. When you look at it critically, it comes with a free economy that directly has a hand in battle results. You may not see this aspect easily. However, when you do, it can frustrate you. Nevertheless, it is worth trying.

5 tips and tricks for playing Hay Day

Hay Day is a free-to-play farming game that you can either get on the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. And in this game, you are a new farm that is in charge of bringing a failing farm back into profitability. You will be growing crops, raising animal livestock, and generally selling a lot of farm goods. And if you are going to play this farming game, then there are a few things that you should know first. These tips and tricks for this game can really help you out, especially if you want to earn more diamonds and other in-game currency.

  1. Make Money fast in the game

You can earn more money in Hay Day if you utilize this simple trick. One crop that you can focus on growing is wheat. This is a really fast-growing crop that will have a high return on your investment. So if you plant a lot of this on your virtual farm, you should be able to get a big harvest ready in a short amount of time, and then turn a big profit when you sell all of it.

  1. Hunt for unlocked treasure

Treasures chests, at least the unlocked ones can be full of goodies. If you are lucky enough to find an unlocked treasure chest then you may get access to more in-game money or even diamonds! So finding one of these chests should definitely be your priority in-game. You could try and look for these chests around by digging. Select the shovel tool from your toolbox, you could also look for unlocked treasure chests on other farms as well. You may need to try more than several times to find one of these chests, but it will definitely be worth it when you do find one.

  1. Save your items

You will need to determine what sorts of items that you will need in the future. When you are playing Hay Day, your farm can produce all sorts of goods. Instead of selling those goods immediately, you should save some on-hand. When you have got the required number of items to complete a shipment, you can talk to the delivery boy on your farm, and then complete a full shipment when you are finished speaking to him.

  1. Make use of newspaper deals

Do not just leave the newspaper on your farm alone, you can actually find good deals on them. You could get a deal on crop seeds. You could also try to take a look at the newspapers on the farms of your friends too.

  1. Wait for free diamonds

You can actually get free Hay Day diamonds by using a special hay day online tool. Normally, it would take spending actually cash to get some diamonds, but there are certain occasions in the game where you are able to get diamonds for free. For example, every time that you level up you actually, have got a chance that you can get one to three diamonds. And there are also other opportunities wherein you could earn free diamonds as well.

Why Clash Royale is Actually Quite Easy

The reason that so many people tend to think that Clash Royale is difficult actually does not have all that much to do with the game itself. Rather it has to do with the fact that they do not play the game smartly enough to make it so that they would be able to achieve victory every single time. If you play the game on a regular basis, you would know that there are certain aspects of the game that you need to pay attention to even outside the actual matches that you are going to be competing in.

Keep An Eye On The Gold

One thing that you should pay attention to in particular is the gold that you are spending. Most people tend to spend gold haphazardly, they assume that it’s just an in-game currency so it does not really matter all that much. However, the fact of the matter is that the in-game currency is what will allow you to truly expand your horizons.

If you want to be a winner in the world of Clash Royale, the very first thing that you are going to have to start paying attention to is how you spend your gold and how you use the Clash Royale Hack: Clash Royale Free Gems. Instead of just spending it as you get it, you need to start thinking of it in terms of reasonable expenditures. Try to plan things out, create a list of things that you need to buy in the game and then focus on making them work out every single time.

Once you start planning out your purchases, you are going to have a much easier time figuring out solutions to the various problems that you might be facing in the game. The great thing about this is that success is guaranteed if you do it. Conserving gold is something that literally nobody does because they just don’t see the point of it.

When you have a lot of gold save up, you are going to be able to buy a lot of things all at once. Once this happens, you are going to suddenly level up in every way, and then all of the games that you play will have you seen as the big fish in a small pond! You can buy gold with real money of course, but where is the fun in that? Working your way up is far more enjoyable.

Why Should We Consider Facebook Hack?


Why Should We Consider Facebook Hack?

We will present you in the next article the ultimate way in how to hack Facebook. These days the trend of using social networking websites is increasing rapidly and there are a lot of websites which are using on a huge level. While there is a huge list of such type of social applications but Facebook holds a great position in that because people are crazy about this. It is the best and also most used social networking media around the work. The biggest reason for its popularity is that with the help of this people can enjoy a lot and pass their leisure time in a more interesting way. Apart from this; if we talk about the Facebook hack then it is also used by many people due to huge benefits. Some people think that there are no benefits of using this but actually, they are wrong and if you are willing to get proper knowledge about this then go for the upcoming paragraphs.


Positive aspects related Facebook hack

Basically, Facebook hack is a hacking tool which is using for crack the password of other’s account. While it is too difficult to hack any account but with the help of this hacking tool you are able to do this. In fact, the process of using this is too simple and you don’t have to face any problem. The features of this tool are so easy and the main thing is that it is compatible. Which means a person can easily access this on his/her IOS or Android device. If you use this then there is no need to root or jailbreak the device by which you are able to make the device safe. the another thing is that it is an online hacking tool which means a user doesn’t need to go through from the process of downloading. By this, we are able to make the device safe from the fear of virus because downloadable ones always come with a virus which is not good for the device.


Key facts regarding Facebook hack

In the terms of security it is the best tool because it has an anti-ban function which is the best function and with the help of this, no one can track you. There are many hacking tools are present on the internet which doesn’t have proper security functions and it is the reason of not getting success. When you are going to use any tool then it is too important to choose the best one which can give the surety of safety. Apart from this; this tool is free of cost and it is the best thing about this and a lot of users attracts by this. Now no one wants to spend real money in order to use this and it is obvious when we have a great alternative then why we go for that tools which required money. If you are going for that then it is totally wastage of money and it is suggested that you should use a Facebook hack when you want to hack someone’s Facebook account.